Tuesday, February 7

What do you mean it's not real?!

I know a lot of people criticize reality television because it's not technically "real." If you haven't heard this yet, then I apologize, but when you see someone from "The Real World" talking about a housemate and then a few minutes later getting angrier -but wearing a different outfit- I think it's safe to say that the editing department took a few liberties when putting that episode together. Many reality stars have come forward and said they were unfairly portrayed on their shows. It hasn't turned her off from pursuing another reality show, but even Kristin from 'Guna said she was made into the villain of the show. Where does editing end and fabricating begin, though?

Here's a really great article by James Poniewozik from Time magazine about the reality or lack thereof on reality TV. He brings up an interesting point, saying that most viewers do not take the truthfulness of a show into consideration when deciding if they like it or not. What do you guys think?

PS-Syrus got voted off the "Gauntlet 2" last night after a surprisingly close beach brawl. Forgive me if I don't get emotional. Syrus was an alright guy, but now Beth has no friends whatsoever on the island so maybe we'll get lucky and she'll surrender herself to the Gauntlet gods.

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