Monday, October 29

Time to catch up

The series is over but I STILL have three exams this week. Time for some serious studying...or I can eventually, once I've caught you all up with what we missed on TV last week.

Gossip Girl is my new obsession, mostly because Blake Lively, who plays Serena, is the girl from Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants which I love. Plus I have a soft spot for a show that is narrated by a blogger. If only I had known about the wonders of anonymous blogging when I was in high school. I could've written a gossip blog that puts Page Six to shame. We're talking a regular who's-who of Pilgrim teacher-student relationships. The phys ed department at that school would've given me enough material for an entire four years.

This week on Gossip Girl, Serena's angsty boy Dan saw a ghost from his pre-Upper East Side life. Insert generic tomboy best-friend-turned-potential-love-interest. Booooring. It has SO been done. Naturally Dan lies to Serena about his former flame and tells her he's with his sister, who in turn totally blows up his spot.

The rest of that plot proceeds as follows: Blondie dances with boy. Dan get jealous. Blondie confront Dan. Dan apologize. Tomboy's heart crushed. Dan gets Blondie. Friendship mended. All that in the course of 15 minutes.

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PREDICTION: Fast forward a few eps...Serena swears to Dan that she really wants to get to know tomboy friend (whose name escapes me). She becomes jealous of their history and develops an "I can't compete with that" mentality. THEN in an "unexpected" twist (those are very large air quotes that I accompany with raised eyebrows) tomboy girl has a pseudo-makeover, by which I mean she takes her hair out of a ponytail and puts on a dress, and suddenly Dan sees her in a totally new light. "I had no idea you were so beautiful, what with your perfectly styled ponytail and all! How could I have been so blind?" Friends kiss. Serena's heart broken.

I would almost guarantee that entire prediction comes true. Mark my words. I'm an expert.

The episode was just "eh," but the last 5 minutes promised a more exciting ep after the show returns from a brief hiatus. Nate kissed Jennie thinking she was Serena and confessed he still has feelings for her and Blair is finally starting to realize that your boyfriend looking like he's on the verge of tears every time he looks at you (that is WHEN he's looking at you and not staring longingly at your best friend) is maaaybe not normal. Just maybe.

That's it for Gossip Girl, and unfortunately I missed Grey's, so y'all will just have to wait until later this week for more dish. Tonight's a good TV night so I better scoot and read the rest of the book that I'll be tested on...tomorrow. Eeeek!

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