Tuesday, November 13

My thoughts exactly

Okay so I haven't really been following Beauty and the Geek this season but from the one or two episodes I have seen, there was one question looming over me and apparently I'm not alone.

For the first time, the social experiment reality show made one of the geeks a girl and one of their beauties a guy. What I realized immediately was that the male beaut, Sam, was strikingly familiar to me. I originally pinned him as one of the bash brothers from Mighty Ducks, but then likened him to the child star from another classic sports move; Little Giants.

DON'T say anything about Little Giants. That movie is awesome, okay.

I swore Sam played the super-kid football player famous for his line, "Spike don't play with girls." Now ten or so years older and wearing a lot more hair gel, Sam, a so-called party promoter was definitely Spike's spitting image. At the time the CW Web site listed only Sam's first name, but an imdb.com search confirmed for me that Sam was also the name of the actor who played Spike.

That being a coincidence seemed like a long shot, even then, but now the "bonafide gossip queens" at gaysocialites.com have reported that Sam Horrigan is, in fact, an actor. The blog writes that it's a possibility that Horrigan's lack of success in Hollywood and his day job of party promoting was enough for the show producers to accept him as a castmate.

I for one have a hard time believing that. Of all the dumb, handsome guys out there, they couldn't find one that is an unknown? Horrigan isn't that cute anyway...he looks like he's on steroids. My theory is that Horrigan is actually a plant and will reveal his true identity in some overly dramatic, staged confession to the cast. The only problem with that is that I haven't been watching in the first place, so if someone wants to catch me up that'd be great. Otherwise I'll have to figure out when it's on again and do a little more investigating.

The truly troublesome question here is why haven't any of the other beauties or geeks seen Little Giants? Great movie.

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