Monday, January 30

Inspiration and lack thereof...

And the wait is over. Here it is, the wrap up of last week's reality TV. Starting with [drumroll, please] "Project Runway." Last week's episode kicked off with the highly anticipated event that made Andrae gasp in shock. Get ready for a let down...Zulema made three of the models have a walk-off and ended up stealing Nick's model Tara. Big deal. I'll spoil it for you right now, Zulema was out anyway so Nick had to suffer one whole episode with the "bad walker."

That was hardly the highlight of the night. Santino, the designer who is clearly only staying on the show for ratings (this year's Wendy Pepper for you devoted fans), spent half of his design time doing a mean Tim Gunn impression. The usually positive and witty Gunn kept the designers on their toes through this "inspiration" challenge. Even the best in the group were warned to be more ambitious and to take risks. After hearing this so soon after losing his model, Nick was on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

"There's a part of me that just wants to be done with it," he said, "I don't want to be here." A quick hug from Daniel Vosovic later, Nick came around. "I've come this far. I came to New York to be in the top three, if not win."

As for the challenge, the designers were sent out into the city to take pictures that they would later use to inspire a design. Andrae created a beautiful slate gray dress to interpret sidewalk water and Kara--once again--made a simple, ugly dress inspired by...well, I don't have 15 minutes to explain why she designs the ugly stuff she does. She's all talk.

Santino's design was slightly less ugly that his usual over-the-top self, but he opted to use the EXACT same fabrics as Austin Scarlett's Grammy dress last season, a fact which was immediately pointed out by guest judge and last year's winner Jay McCarroll. Chloe's dress was forgettable even though everyone can see that Nina is pulling for her, Nick's outfit was beautiful and definitely a close contender for the win, but the final challenge winner was my favorite-Daniel. And alas, Zulema's very UNinspired dress was out. "To me it looks like a debutante dress gone wrong," said Michael Kors.

I'll make a guess and say that Cara will be gone next.

Okay so another show that definitely needs to be mentioned is "Beauty and the Geek". Though it is funnier than the producer's other project, "Punk'd", Ashton Kutcher's take on the awkwardness between your classic geek and dumb beauty queen is more unintentionally funny than anything. I don't follow the show because it's on at the same time as "The O.C." and no one in their right mind would miss fake-geek Adam Brody for real geeks who hold records in rubiks cubes. I try and catch the old episodes on Wednesdays though, but that puts me a week behind.
Regardless, I think if you don't watch it you deserve to hear some of the finer points of the show. When asked how she would curb pollution, camp counselor Jennipher said she would eat less gaseous foods. Thais opted to just avoid the question altogether and pull at the audiences' heart strings. "Your children are my children." Hm...right.

Quote of the night: "The beauties and the geeks, we're all cut from the same fabric and it's just awesome to discover that," said museum critic Josh. Wow. That's deep. I'm glad the show has a moral. Now if Ashton would just stop putting the girls in bathing suits and had maybe picked some beautiful girls who actually knew how to spell all seven days of the week...

So there you have it, two more of your favorite reality shows broken down. "The Gauntlet 2" is on tonight so stay tuned!

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