Monday, January 30

::AnD iN OtHeR nEwS...::

*Wendy Pepper, the no-good evildoer from last season's "Project Runway" (you know, the one who tried to sell Austin down the river and somehow managed to land in the final three even though her designs were uuuugly), has announced that her experience on the show led to the end of her marriage. Pepper was with woodworker Robert Downing for five makes you think, maybe Downing saw the true side of Pepper on air and wanted to get out while he could. The state of Virginia beware: "The Underdog" is loose. Lock up your husbands, your children and your velour.

*As if the life lessons learned on "Beauty and the Geek 2" weren't enough, it seems as if the reality show has produced a real-life relationship. Atlanta native Wes Wilson spends his days working on a robotic laser to track monkeys and apparently now is spending his nights with beer spokesmodel and Dallas native Cher Tenbush. Wilson told World Entertainment news that everything was going great so far, so I for one have nothing but congratulations for Wilson. On the other hand, how do you think Cher's geek partner Josh must feel like crap. He had problems with girls before, and now the only pretty girl he's ever shared a room with picked ANOTHER geek?! Yeah, happily ever after, as long as you're one of the cool geeks.

*BACHELOR BOB IS MAKING A CD...First Paris, now Bob. Why can't people just pick one genre of entertainment and stick with it? Especially when you're not technically supposed to be famous in the first place. Being a loser on "The Bachelorette" and then not finding true love on season four of "The Bachelor" has apparently not been enough rejection for Guiney. Outlook for sales? Dismal. Lucky for Bob his upcoming tour for the album "Three Sides," will probably draw substantial crowds. Now that's a concert I want to be at. Hundreds of desperate single women in their thirties. Exciting.

*Add another reality show to your TiVo menu ladies and gents. San Francisco Giants baseball legend Barry Bonds is going to star in his own reality series on ESPN. And you boys thought I wasn't looking out for you too. So the show will follow Bonds throughout his season while he tries to beat Babe Ruth's homerun records. What's weird is that ESPN is also following Bonds' career with reporter Pedro Gomez, so for all of you out there who feel an hour or so isn't enough, your prayers are being answered. I have a feeling neither show will match the network's upcoming reality show that follows famous basketball coach Bob Knight. Cursing and chair throwing, now THAT'S a show I'll watch.

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