Tuesday, January 31

"No one can beat me, so good luck, LADIES..."

"The Gauntlet 2." A truly magnificent piece of television. Granted Tonya's not here to throw all Beth's belongings in the pool, but I think MTV did a pretty good job regardless. It can't be easy to convince 30-somethings to live with newly legals and be expected to still get drunk and hook up. I would imagine that creating drama gets harder and harder as the cast members get older and have children who should really be embarrassed if they're not already.

Last night marked the half-way point for the series and it was a girls Gauntlet on the line. The veterans lost yet again because none of their partners were able to get across the tight rope without throwing each other off balance and falling into the water below. It wouldn't have been too embarrassing of a loss because of all the rookies, only Alton and Landon made it across, but Beth had to go and tarnish her [sarcastic voice] sparkling captain reputation. One of the oldest Gauntlet returnees, Beth chickened out of the mission because it didn't feel secure. Somehow I think the producers were going for that feel, considering the mission asked people to walk across parallel ropes no wider than a few inches that were suspended high in the air. But hey, that's just me.

That left Kina to win $1,000 from Fossil Jeans, Co. and another $10,000 to be banked in her team's bank account. The big win even motivated the female captain to make nice with Susie and Cara, who had supposedly discussed an alliance with the other team.

Once again finding themselves in the deliberation room, the veterans voted Montana into the Gauntlet. Derrick said it was because he felt Montana was the only girl, size wise, who could take Beth. Unfortunately, the red head was unable to de-throne the evil one and the faces of the veterans were PRICELESS. Fellow captain Derrick's response? "You're the meanest person I've ever [*expletive removed*] known." Ouch...I feel some drama coming on for next week, people! Especially with Beth's cryptic message that ended the episode. I can't quote it because there are too many expletives to delete, but let's just say that Beth is toying with the idea of sabotage. dun Dun DUN!

Okay, now before I go, I want to add a new little segment to my blog. A "where are they now?" sort of a deal that features fun facts about some of our favorite reality television stars--where we know them, why we love them and what they've done since their 15 minutes have expired. The first lucky pair are from this week's Gauntlet duel--Beth and Montana.

*First seen on "Real World: Los Angeles," Beth is a graduate of Ohio State University where she got her degree in film, television and radio production. She was a pretty forgettable member of the LA cast since she was old even back then at 24. She was a definite drama queen, though, and made a reputation for herself in regards to gossip and getting into other people's business. So much so, in fact, that during a memorable season two brawl between David and Tammy, Beth nearly got her head closed in a door. If only TiVo had existed back then...Lastly, let's reflect on how sad it really is that Beth is on the Gauntlet. She's 36 years old. She's single. She's childless. She acts like she's still 21. SHE'S 36 YEARS OLD! It's like an old wives tale. Girl's beware of gossip and not dressing your age or this too will be your fate.

*Now onto the Gauntlet loser. Montana, we were sad to see you go. Not too sad because she's probably one of the most boring veterans (which boils down to the fact that she doesn't really drink and she's too hold to flirt with anyone), but everyone wanted to see her take out Beth after her awesome comment a few weeks ago. "You think there'd be some personal growth over the years but with Beth there's been no growth...except in the thighs." touche! Montana is originally from season 6 of "The Real World" which took place in my favorite city, Boston. She got the ax from her job at an East Boston childcare center for letting one of the kids take a sip of her wine, but don't be fooled, the girls got brains. She used to study paleontology and archaeology and worked in the Natural History Museum. Recently she got her master's in acupuncture and now volunteers with the terminally ill. She was right last night, good doesn't always prevail over evil.

Note to readers: I think it's probably because of the weather, but local stations are all weird on my TV tonight so there will be no "American Idol" update tomorrow. [*Gasp*] I know, but I'll think of something new to update about later this week.

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