Wednesday, February 1

You can 'leaf' the runway...

It's Wednesday and you know what that means! "Project Runway." This post is a little different than usual because the episode isn't over yet so we're watching it together. Awwww. Who knows what I'm going to type with a live post like this. It's almost too much power to handle.

So far in this episode, the six remaining designers had to design a "garden party" dress. Ah! But Tim Gunn brought them a surprise at 6 a.m. The garden dress isn't your typical New York party dress. It's actually made out of garden materials.

Eh, it's been done.

And it has to be said, drama aside, Santino is so funny. Tim finally called him out on his impression and it will definitely be making a reappearance in the Runway reunion.

Okay, we're at the deliberation time...if Nick goes home I'll be so sad. I want my top three to be Nick, Daniel and Chloe. UGH! Commercial!

I'll backtrack for a minute for those of you who haven't seen the designs. Daniel made a beautiful dress with a woven bodice and bright blue and purple flowers adorning the sleeve, neckline and sporadically placed down the skirt. Beautiful! Definitely my pick for best dress of the night.

Nick, who is usually my second favorite designer was not impressive tonight, making a dress with a plunging neckline (a little too deep in Michael's opinion).

Chloe's dress looked as if it were a real dress because she took the time to glue a ridiculous amount of small leaves onto the white backing material. It was very pretty, but I feel like she didn't take any risks and the dress was one you could already find in a store...minus the live shrubbery.

Santino departed from his typical overly flashy ways and made a one strap dress that was very green and included a tool-like material to make the skirt flirty and puffy. Michael didn't like the treatment Santino gave it because it looked like plastic, but Heidi didn't mind.

Andrae's....ugly. Ugly. UGLY. Nice idea, horrible execution. In the words of Michael Kors, "It's stiff and it's not joyous. She looks like a doormat." Ouch. Next time pick a muse other than grass.

And last, and still last in my opinion, was Kara. I give credit where credit is due, though, and her dress was inspired, well-fitted and beautiful. I win some, I lose some.

Santino's in...Kara's in...DANIEL WINS AGAIN!! Which means he has immunity for the next challenge, automatically putting him in the final four (just one episode before the fashion week contestants)...Chloe's in (duh, like Nina would let her leave...teacher's pet, much?) it is...Nick is IN! Thank goodness. Now wait for the look of shock from Andrae. I love that face.

"I'm gonna design. This is what I do."

Spoken like a true loser. haha just kidding, he was alright. I wanted to see Kara go first.

Alright, well that's that for "Project Runway" and my cable is still being weird, but leave me some posts so my devoted fans (I know you're out there) can read up on the Idol they've missed. Before I go, here's an article I found on the San Diego Union Tribune Web site, praising "Project Runway." The reporter scoffs at reality TV (Not everyone is as enlightened as I am), but even she cannot deny the magnetism of Tim Gunn and a very pregnant Heidi Klum.

Check it out!

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