Tuesday, February 21


Truer words have never been spoken, Derrick. The veterans managed to pull out a victory this week on the “Gauntlet 2,” bringing the old folks to a grand total of $50,000 thus far. One more win and the rookies’ once commanding lead will be over and the game will be all tied up. It’s anyone’s game now, but both teams showed some serious weaknesses this week.

The veterans won-true. Beth is still a loser-also true. ‘I’m afraid of heights’, ‘I tried my best’, blah, blah, blah…This week’s challenge was for the teams to crawl through tires suspended high in the air above water. Every time a player went through the course of 25 tires they had to release one, and if a player fell or refused to continue, two tires were released. Big surprise! Beth failed yet again and had to be told to quit by her teammates before she sabotaged the entire mission.

In a totally non-sarcastic way this time, there really was a big surprise for the rookies. Alton, the Gauntlet golden boy, ran out of time before he completed the course after he was a sitting duck and couldn’t reach his next tire. The distance did seem really big though, and we all have our off days. Alton is probably the nicest guy in reality TV history so I can’t hold it against him.
I would have if I were Jeremy.

Ibis didn’t complete the course either, but it was a men’s Gauntlet day. If I were Jeremy and I did a great job on a mission and then I lost in the Gauntlet to someone who didn’t pull their weight I would be a little bitter. MTV loooves that. They love to make reality stars bitter so they come back and go psycho on their next mission. Example: Veronica and Rachel—a little too into it, now, aren’t we girls?

“Um, what do you mean I have to like pay bills? Do you know who I am? I’m Veronica. You know, from ‘Road Rules’ and 400 challenges. I don’t need a job, I think I’m famous. Plus you better be nice to me or I’ll have my girlfriend Rachel beat you up.”

Sorry. I HATE Veronica though. She’s probably one of my least favorite reality personalities of all time.

Well, there you have it. Jeremy’s gone, the veterans are fast approaching the rookies, and previews for next week are hinting that the veteran girls are going to try to pull off a mutiny. Well played, ladies.

Before I sign off, I’d like to reflect on a Real World/Road Rules challenge personality of yore. A lady I grew quite fond of on the first challenge.

Her name: Belou.

Let us think back on the wise words of a Scandinavian, white-trash mother…
“Chadwick and Holly…dey tink dey hold da strings in dey hands? I will show dem, dey are not.” Does it make sense? Not at all. Is it grammatically correct? Nope.

Now visualize this: there’s a mission going on with people diving into tubes in a pool. In the background, something catches your eye. Donning a mullet, the stick thin Belou stands alone, on one foot, waving her arms wildly in the air. Thank you, Belou, for not only bringing the mullet back to reality TV, but for making Beth seem like a classy broad.

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