Saturday, February 18


For all of you who love surprises, DO NOT read the following article. It doesn't come out and say who wins "Project Runway," but it summarizes some of the high and low points of the fashion week show and the author makes his own guesses as to who will come out on top. It might help any of you out there who have been placing bets.

I repeat, do not read me if you want to go into Wednesday's finale with no clue of the outcome

Also, here's a good dose of shock for my readers. Kristin Cavalleri admitted to Teen People that not only has she had a few Hollywood feuds with well-known celebs like Lindsay Lohan, but the 'Guna star has had her share of scene mishaps, including her experimentation with cocaine. Teen People won't give us the whole article, you have to subscribe for that, but here's the beginning of it and also a story about Cavalleri done by the Chicago Sun-Times. Why a major newspaper with as much respect and prestige as the Sun-Times is writing about her is a mystery to me, but it's a crazy world we live in.

The Teen People teaser

The destruction of dignified journalism

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