Friday, February 17

The week in review

Let me begin by saying I'm sorry. I know I haven't been following my usual update schedule this week but I had a TON of homework, plus I had to miss Idol on Wednesday for a reason more important than my studies: shopping. I went to the Garment District in Cambridge and bought a shirt for 60 cents. Do you know what it says? "We are family." FOR ONLY 60 CENTS! To me, that kind of shirt is priceless as well as one of a kind. Enough about me, here it is, what you've been waiting for, the reality TV wrap-up.

***In a Gauntlet battle of epic proportions, Cara took on Kina in an unforgettable episode. The funny thing is I don't remember anything except the last 10 minutes of the show when Kina turned on the psycho switch and was playing for Cara's blood. Filled with pushing and shirt pulling and even some harsh words, the Gauntlet was intense in a big way and to be honest I still don't know how I feel about the outcome. I'm not a big Cara fan and the fact that she didn't seem to put her all into the challenge made me a little annoyed (look at Julie, for example. That is one angry and competitive Mormon). On the other hand, I'm not exactly pulling for Kina either. In the end, it was Kina's scary flared nostrils that defeated the deer-in-headlights Cara, leaving Susie without an ally. Regardless, I don't want the rookies to win. I always root for the veterans over the rookies and "The Real World" over "Road Rules." Tis' the way of the world.

***BEFORE you judge my television watching decisions, let me make a point in my own defense. MTV has the most brilliant editing staff ever. Take a look at "Newlyweds," for example. Jessica Simpson is funny and all, but anyone who has seen the show has to admit that the music, sound affects, clever camera work and editing make the show. With that said, the same can be said true of "There and Back." Fine! I admit it! I watched "There and Back" again! There were some expected low points. The freeze frame narratives by Ashley Parker Angel have seriously got to go. Why isn't a voice-over enough for these people? Plus, in Monday's episode, the former boy band member was revealed as having done an activity reserved for the bathroom only in the kitchen of all places. That's as much detail as I'm willing to get into, but you can imagine. There were some definite high points in the episode too. Ashley asked his long-time girlfriend Tiff to marry him in THE cutest way. He had a one-piece made for their son that said "marry my daddy" and slipped the ring (a huge rock that he admitted was nice because he bought it while O-Town was still on top) on a ribbon he put around the baby's neck. Maybe it's because it was the week of Valentine's, I don't know, but my eyes got a little blurry. Not a "omg Kelly Clarkson won 'American Idol'!" kind of tears but there was a little bit of welling. So sue me.

***"American Idol." Wake me up when it's over! Ugh I am sooo bored with the show this year. I don't know any of the contestants' names and they're so concerned with Ryan Seacrest narrating the whole thing that we hardly get to know any of the Idols. Except, of course, the evil twins. Wahh wahh wahh. That was my attempt to write a baby crying sound but I don't know how to spell that. Now that I've explained it you get the idea. But yeah, twin A was dissatisfied with his group in the group singing auditions so he tattled on them to the judges. When he was called out on his bad attitude, twin B thought his brother had been asked to leave so twin B removed himself from the competition. What's more, he removed twin A with him! Twin A was so angry he made twin B apologize and the two ultimately got to move on to Wednesday's episode. Unfortunately for all of you my 60 cent shirt took precedent over Idol on Wednesday so I didn't get to see what happened, nor did I learn the actual names of the twins so I have to leave you hanging there. If you ever see me out with the shirt on, that'll be payment enough, I swear.

***I might have missed Idol for the chance of cheap clothing and a peanut butter cookie compliments of Sheila, but I would never miss Project Runway. NEVER! My fav reality show never disappoints. This week's challenge was for the remaining four designers to create an evening gown for international supermodel Iman. Let's skip over the drama and get right to the good stuff. In classic Santino form, a beautiful design with great promise was reduced to a tacky, over the top gold dress with sequins that made his model look like part gypsy, part mermaid. Kara too was less than inspiring this week with a simple black dress with a plunging neckline and racerback. Excuse me, let me rephrase that. A plain, overly simple black dress that was unfinished with an uneven hem. There, that's more like it. To my surprise, Chloe was somewhat of a let down as well. Her silver floor-length gown with keyhole neck and charming waistline detailing wasn't horrible, but it wasn't enough to keep us begging for a peek at her potential collection. Plus the tailoring on the back of the dress made even her stick thin model look like she was packing. Not a good feature on an evening gown. Last in the line-up but first in my heart, Daniel created a simple V-neck, navy dress with a very pretty back. It was just a beautiful silhouette overall and in a Bravo TV commercial Iman looked gorgeous in it. Aha! I snuck it in there. Daniel won once again, and despite the foreshadowing that Chloe's luck had run out, it was Kara who left the runway. Forgive me if I don't cry. The weird hairstyles were just getting worse and I'm fresh out of wasted tears after "There and Back."

Aaaand that's all she wrote. I'll update more this weekend so enjoy your holiday and keep checking in!

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