Friday, February 24

Check this out...

Here's an interesting article I found about reality TV and how you might get your own ideas on the screen. It's funny how many people think their lives are TV worthy. I mean, clearly, I'm an exception because driving around Warwick in Palumbo's drop top and hanging out at the Coffee Grinder is the equivalent to stealing Mr. Belding's convertible and getting a shake at the Max, but not everyone's lives are as interesting as my own. Clearly.

Also, if you have some free time this weekend and don't have a real life, here's another article that helps turn some reality TV concepts into actual reality. Some do require you have friends though, so don't get your hopes up because if you're the type of person who has friends then chances are you're not the type of person who would be interested in this. It's a funny idea anyway, though, so if you don't like it just sit and think for a moment about people printing the article out and making it a serious goal to complete the tasks. That's funny in itself.

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