Monday, February 27

He said, she said

I was looking through an article by the University of Buffalo newspaper today and it was alright, but it was the segment on the bottom that really caught my attention. They included short, one-line quotes from students about reality TV and it inspired me to ask around a little bit. A lot of my close friends are almost as obsessed with reality television as I am, but I also have a few who could give or take the genre. I know how much I love it, but I really liked hearing about it from other people. I asked them if they liked it and why or why not, what their favorite shows were, if they would consider going on a reality show or if they had any other thoughts on all things reality. (My extra thoughts are in blue.) This is what they had to say...

My best friend Bill once said he wanted to send in a tape for "The Real World," but his feelings have changed amidst the whole craze.

*"For the most part I do not watch reality television anymore. Most of it is too played out now and unoriginal, and more ridiculous and embarrassing to the participants than entertaining."

Ellen, the Gore to my Clinton, feels very differently about reality TV and had A LOT to say.

*"I love reality TV. I think it's the bomb." (side note: LOVE the use of the word 'bomb' here) "For me, it's like when you are a freshman in high school and you have never talked to the seniors, but for some reason you know everything about them. You are just fascinated by them for some reason. The reality TV stars are my senior class. My favorite reality show would have to be 'Project Runway' because I think it's one of the few reality shows that actually requires a level of talent. I mean I love 'The Real World,' 'The Gauntlet,' 'American Idol,' 'Fear Factor,' and the MTV hits like 'Date My Mom' and 'True Life,' but I just get sick of watching people that are like these dramatic no talent ass clowns..." (Thank you for your "Office Space" appreciation) "...argue and act like they are the 'shiz' and have like an important message to send out to the world."
Blogger's note: READ THIS! This is where it gets even more funny...Ellen's a riot.
"I have a lot of favorite reality TV moments, one of my most memorable would be crying hysterically with Kelly Clarkson as she was crowned the first 'American Idol'. I also love when Balou and her fashion mullet from 'The Real World' fame made a very memorable appearance on the first 'Battle of the Seasons' and made it clear tht Holly and Chadwick did not hold the strings of the game in their hand and that no one, NO ONE will ever allegedly threaten to 'trow' her six month year old baby in 'dee waderr'" (don't be confused, that is an accurate spelling based on ebonics) "Balou is a class example of a complete loser given fame by a reality show." (Here is where Ellen and I disagree. Balou is NOT a loser. She made me want to rock a mullet) "I don't think that I would ever go on a reality TV show. I mean I say that now, but I think I would be all for the challenge. I think that I would be most likely Lacey from the most recent 'Real World;' observing from a distant and talking mad ish in the confessional. I would love the chance to do that but I don't think I would go chasing after it because I've seen how receptive people are to reality TV Omarosa. And I don't want to be the world's next Omarosa."

The past paragraph is why I'm friends with Ellen. Now, drumroll please, please give a warm welcome to the return of Laura.

*"Do I like reality TV? Yes. I like it because it is extremely addicting and makes me believe that anyone can be famous without even having a talent. I really do think it is awesome that people become famous by just doing ordinary things like going to high school or living with some strangers, which most people do at least once in their lifetime." (I never really thought of it that way but that's true, we do do a lot of the same things.i.e.: Laura living with the lovely Michele and co. could be a reality show in theory) "Hands down, 'Laguna Beach' is my favorite because of its addicting drama, and love-to-hate characters...or 'Real World/Road Rules Challenges' because we see once normal people making a living by doing more reality TV shows...or 'American Idol' because it gave me Kelly Clarkson, and they sing good songs that I can sing along to...or 'Dancing with the Stars' because Drew Lachey was on it, and I don't think he gets enough credit...or 'Project Runway' because it is straight up awesome and it's a fresh new idea. How am I supposed to pick just one?" (My sentiments EXACTLY, Laura) "I would go on 'American Idol' because everyone knows I am a an AWESOME singer and for everyone who makes it on TV, it is a huge benefit. You're bound to be famous, i.e. William Hung or the girl who fell under the table."

Now a gentleman who prefers to go unnamed because he clearly enjoys "girly" stuff way too much...we'll call him "The Man."

*"I don't really like reality TV but that seems to be all that's on. My favorite moment was on 'Date My Mom' when the guy got the fat girl and they were running together on the beach for the ending scene and the girl fell." (haha that's very charitable and kind of you "The Man." I have to admit that made me laugh really hard too.) "I would go on 'The Real World' if I had the chance so I could go on all the challenges. I would be a professional 'Real World/Road Rules Challenge' contestant so I wouldn't have to get a real job." (All this and ambition too. I like this guy's style)

Now there's my friend Kristen. She's a reasonable girl and doesn't watch as obscene an amount of television as I do so I think her opinions should be taken seriously. Her emotional attachment to the reality shows and stars she loves might not be as pathetic as my own.

*"I am obsessed with reality TV." (I said she wasn't as obsessed as me, I didn't say she wasn't obsessed at all)"It's funny, and even though it isn't always that convincing, it's very entertaining. It's hard to choose a favorite because I watch so many, but I like 'The Gauntlet,' 'Meet the Barkers,' 'Flavor of Love,' and 'Wife Swap.' 'The Gauntlet' has people my age, kind of, and sometimes it's easy to relate to their problems, their fights and their image. It's fun to pick out favorite cast members that I can relate to. My funniest moment would be Ashley Parker Angel on 'There and Back' when he tries to go grocery shopping. The whole scene is hysterical." (haha I couldn't agree more, Kristen! The guy is so polite and the editing is just ingenious then they keep showing him asking for help.) "I would only consider going on 'The Real World' because it would be a cool experience and it would be a good money maker. I would never go on a dating reality show. And that's pretty much all I have to say about reality TV."

My friend and fellow UConn husky alongside Kristen, Boylan's interest on reality TV centered upon her love for a show I fondly refer to as "'Guna."

*"Hands down my favorite reality TV show was 'Laguna Beach.' It showed just how shallow and ridiculous high school drama is but I love it. Watching people my age is part of what makes it so awesome. I would never go on a reality TV show because I've seen how the people on them get made fun of and pretty much make complete fools out of themselves, but at the same time, it keeps me quite entertained."

Palumbo keeps it real. She represents for reality TV, for WarWACK and for the entire Palumbo clan. What's more, she gets to the point. As does my boy Kyle Murphy, whom we lovingly refer to as Murph. Oooor Murphy Lee if you're as special as I am.

*When asked if she liked reality TV, Palumbo said, "Yes, I love it. I just enjoy watching it. It's funny. I can't pick a favorite, I seem to enjoy most of them. Reality TV is the best thing ever invented. I get to watch other people make fools of themselves and it creates GREAT television."
Murph was equally direct, but came from a very different perspective. "I don't like reality TV but I would consider going on a reality show for the fun of it and the free stuff. But all in all I feel that reality TV is fake and I would prefer not to watch it."

Hm...that I don't agree with Murphy Murph. I would prefer to watch it. In fact, I believe it is a necessity. Murph's girlfriend and my future roommate, Sheila, isn't much of a fan either. Don't worry, I said future roommate. After a year with me, Shishi will see the light.

*"Generally I don't like reality TV, mostly because it doesn't have all that great of a plot. A lot of the time the characters on the show are scripted, and it's so obvious it kind of takes the fun out of it. The few reality shows that I like are ones like 'Project Runway' where it actually includes some talent. I don't think I would ever consider going on a reality show because they're a little bit shallow. Plus, so many times people are not portrayed correctly." (There was a bunch of stuff in there about her least favorite show, 'Guna, but I took it out because I have editorial control over this blog. In the words of Cher in "Clueless," it was "way harsh." This site endorses "Laguna Beach" and it's cast.) "I think reality TV is such a phenomenon because it lets people see the crazy lives they can't lead because they, unlike the people on the show, have real lives and real problems. How many people do you know have crazy drama in their lives every day? How many people do you know that will get praised for partying and sleeping around with their roommates? Plus, I mean aside from the fact that it's not actually reality, it does conjure up a few laughs here and there. It's just something different than regular TV. I do think that just like other fads though, it will fade with time. It's getting to the point where it's just too much. People are enthralled right now but they'll lose interest soon enough when the scenarios, plots and ridiculous drama start repeating themselves."

So there you have it. The reality world according to eight of my nearest and dearest friends. Some people love it. Some people hate it...

....but I love it and this is my blog so what I say goes suckas! REALITY TV IS BOMB ASS!


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Meg, I loved that article haha, it was really funny ♥

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