Wednesday, March 1

I want to be MADE into a blogger with an actual readership...

Hint, hint. Tell your friends. And if you hadn't guessed from today's title, I watched "Made," this afternoon. Before I get to one of the funniest installations of the show I have ever seen, lemme give you a wrap up of some of the other reality TV bits I caught this week so far.

American Idol...blah blah blah. I don't know what it is with me this season, but I'm just not that interested. Until we get into the real finalists, the top 12, I have a hard time staying focused. Plus it's midterms week so I can barely look up from my notecards long enough to figure out the name of the person singing. David Radford is hot though, even if he's only like 16.

Midterms or no midterms, nothing could keep me from my "Gauntlet." I must have that show. This week on the challenge, the veterans were surprised to see themselves in the gauntlet after practically doing a victory lap around the rooks, but after a moment the composed themselves and saw that the glass really was half full. There it was, staring them in the faces - the chance to dethrone Beth. [*joyous exclamations heard throughout the land*]

Thatttt's right, people. The veterans sent in the only woman man enough to take out Beth. The only woman who is more manly than Beth. Aneesa. (I know what image/quote springs to mind, but I have to keep this PG or I'll get a bad grade. Think back to Aneesa in a sand or yellowish dress, leaning over the Gauntlet railing yelling obscenities at Cara...okay that's enough thinking about it. It'll give you nightmares.)

The first thing I thought when I saw Beth walking toward her impending doom was that it was weird that when faced with beach brawl, why she would wear jeans. That's a little clue I like to call foreshadowing and frankly we should've seen it coming. Aneesa's one tough chick.

Remniscent of Coral's classic, "I don't wrestle, I beat ******* up." Big surprise, Beth chickened out because her team "hates her." Umm, I hate to break it to you, Beth, but they've hated you all along...that excuse seems a little convenient now that Aneesa basically threatened to kill you.
"I know you don't want to look like a punk on TV and that's okay because you would have," Aneesa said in Beth's final moments on the show.

We all saw it coming with the teasers, but the quotes Monday night were just hysterical and I feel responsible to report them to all of you because they were some definite classics.
"You're only as strong as your weakest link and now our weakest link is gone"--wow. harsh David.

"The witch is dead."--another great one-liner from that 'I'm tough yet I wear feminine blue crocheted newsboys hats' Derrick.

And in an unforgettable last moment, the entire veterans team stood strong and sent a message to their newly defeated captain, "THANKS FOR NOTHING."

Class act those veterans are. Way to send Beth out with style.

Just to throw a monkey wrench into the mix, spice up the blog, etc. I figured I'd talk about a show I rarely watch anymore: "Made" (Okay, I'll admit, the only reason I watched was because Meg Ryan's collagen lips were too freakish on Oprah).

Zach is an all-around great guy. He's a top athlete, a popular senior in high school, has a wonderful girlfriend and gets good grades. What does a guy like that want to be made into? A figure skater. I'm still not sure if I believe he did it seriously and it wasn't just a dare, but either way it was one of the best episodes of "Made" I've ever seen.

This is why...

In response to his son's desire to be made into a skater, Zach's dad Gerardo had this to say: "The only redeeming factor about this whole thing is that your grandfather, who is 96, is almost blind."

hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! That is AWESOME! What a funny thing to say! Gerardo is my boy now, but the rest of the show was pretty funny too. Watching people fall is always a good time. I highly recommend this episode. Not quite "I want to be made into a triathlete," but a high level of quality nonetheless. If you're bored in the afternoons you should check it out because they're usually pretty embarrassing. 100 percent water-cooler material.

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