Saturday, February 11

Guatemala seriously just moved up on my list of cool places

I was really excited a few posts back when I found information on all of the new upcoming reality shows that we should be looking forward to, but I figured it was a one time deal sort of thing. There are already so many reality shows out there that when I reread the post it came across like I was sort of making fun of the ideas (which I was). If reality TV multiplies any more it's sitcoms that are going to have their own behind-the-scenes specials that reveal the secrets of the minority form of entertainment. Alas, I was wrong, and here are a few more series that will undoubtedly be made fun of or glorified in this blog in no time.

*"Drumline" was a pretty decent movie. Definitely a little cheesy, but the drum scenes were really cool and I have a crush on Nick Cannon whenever he's not on Nickelodeon. Executive producer Dallas Austin has decided that the film's dismal box office earnings are reason enough to take the big screen concept to the small screen. Austin is more famous for his work as a music producer and says his own marching band experiences are what inspired the movie. He hopes to recruit marching band musicians from all across the country and bring them together to compete for the chance to tour with the national stage show, "Halftime Live."

*This is going to be confusing, just to warn you. Here it goes. So IPX Entertainment, a corporation based out of Nevada, is looking for athletes for their new reality show about a hybrid sport resembling football. The catch is that the sport is played in zero gravity. "Space Champions" will debut in fall of this year on Space Channel TV and it's first 13 episodes will narrow the contestant pool down to 14 athletes, seven for the Toronto Astronauts team and seven for the Los Angeles Invaders. The series will continue to cast more teams in the seasons that follow and the creators hope to form six additional teams should "Space Champions" be successful in its first year. The games will be played on a Boeing 727 which creates 30 seconds of weightlessness through 45-degree angle dives. Not exactly conventional, right? Well it gets more weird. The rules of the game are a secret and will not be disclosed to contestants until they appear on the show. One lucky player will be win a cash prize for being the MVP and all of the players who make it to the end will be offered two-year contracts to play professionally in the Zero Gravity Sports League. If these athletes make more money than I will in journalism by playing pseudo-football on a plane I am not going to be happy. Where does the madness end?

*Simon Cowell has made a name for himself as the brutally honest "American Idol" judge who will accept nothing less than perfection. Interesting then, that reality TV has become his true calling. Sometime this summer, Cowell, along with NBC, will launch a show to search for the next great headliner of Las Vegas. Similar to a British show in development under the name "Got Talent," this show is nameless as of yet, but will look at all types of entertainers. According to the Daily Variety, Cowell said, "personally, I hope to find the net Siegfried and Roy." As if this project wasn't enough, the Idol judge is also working on TWO MORE reality shows in the states. "American Inventor" will air on ABC and Fox will snatch up Cowell's other project, "Duets." Simon seems to be losing that whole exclusivity thing he had going for him when he was a no name.

*Unless you live in Guatemala you won't be able to watch this next show, but I figured I'd include it because the idea makes me smile. Picture this: 10 former gangsters live together to learn the skills they need to become small business owners. hahahaha!!!! That's AWESOME and if the US doesn't catch onto this soon I might have to put it together myself. The name is a mouthful, but that doesn't take away anything for me. "Challenge 10: Peace for the Ex" will air in March and concludes with the gangsters opening a car wash and shoe repair business...not together I hope. Man, I wish I lived in Guatemala.

So there you have it, once again, the brainwashing of America (and Guatemala) will continue with four classy new shows that will be sure to rock our worlds.

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Hi there -- I googled around and found your mention of my show "Space Champions". Feel free to ask me any questions.

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