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I don't know how I can go on. Nick Verreos, the cutest little man ever, has left the runway for good. Not okay, people. NOT okay. How is Kara still on the show, while Nick, winner of the Barbie design challenge, has been sent packing. Granted, Kara's designs have been pretty good for the last two challenges, but she doesn't have half the vision of Nick. I don't even know if I can go on and recap the episode I'm so distraught.

*Sigh* I'll try.

Here's a moment to keep my spirits up. "Are these space pants because my ass is out of this world," said Santino.

He might just be on the show to keep the ratings up, but he's definitely good for a few laughs. I can't wait for the reunion special so I can hear the Tim Gunn impressions again. His arrogant side emerged once again when he realized he was being ostracized by the other designers, though. Rather than admitting any harm done by his comments to the others, Santino insisted it could only be jealous. Puh-lease, Santino. Nick might be out, but your turn is coming up.

Hopefully not next week because I would rather see his collection than Kara's, but if he wins I'll never watch another episode of "Project Runway." That might be a slight exaggeration. Okay, maybe I'll still watch, but I definitely won't buy another Seal record ever. Take that Heidi. Guess what? Kiss with a rose? That is out.

So was poor Nick's slightly feminine grayish-purple suit. The challenge was to makeover another designer and Nick made the suit for Daniel. Michael Kors admitted that mens suits are perhaps the most difficult designs to sew and I only wish someone had told Nick before he started. It wasn't horrendous, but it had more wrinkles than a pre-face lift Janice Dickinson. According to Kors, "it looks like a golden girls jacket that you'd belt and wear with leggings."
For my beloved, Chloe designed a sharp pinstripe suit with a pink satin backed vest. It worked on Nick and was one of the few things that made the design original. I was surprised no one commented on the fact that it was just a plain suit, but it's Chloe we're talking about, Nina would probably make the other judges cry if they picked on her golden girl.

The other girl of the bunch designed a bright plaid patterned pant and a layered polo with a different plaid pattern that matched a really cute hat to top the outfit off. It suited Santino. Good job, Kara. I guess.

Unfortunately for Kara, on the other hand, she had to wear a skin tight, brown jumpsuit with fur accents designed by the king of taking it too far--Santino. The sleeves were falling off on the runway and when asked if she was comfortable, Kara basically just stared blankly at the judges and let Santino answer for her, a fact that she would regret just minutes later when she realized that speaking up might have saved Nick. Another bad choice in a series of many. Seriously, Kara, consult a hair stylist.

And lastly there was Daniel's design. Immunity might have gotten to his head a little bit based on Chloe's somewhat vulgar (to steal from Michael) red dress with a leather ve
st. You'll get 'em next time, Tiger.

Let us now have a moment of silence for Nick, and wish good luck on our remaining favorites, Daniel and Chloe. Thank you, please be seated.
No disrespect Nick, but the show must go on and so must my blog.

I had to go to a play for my theatre class last night so I missed American Idol but SURPRISE! We have a special guest. Everybody, please welcome one of my favorite people in the whole world, Miss Laura Armstrong of Rhode Island.

[Blogger's Note: the following statements were made using AIM on the night of Wednesday, February 8, 2006. Screennames have been changed to protect the innocent.]
AIM1: the show overall was kinda boring.
AIM1: they showed a few people that got in but the only ones they showed get in were the ones that they showed go to Hollywood from the previous episodes. I loved the crying cowboy, he was cute...and that other guy who got on, he wore a cowboy hat to the first audition, with a kind of deep, raspy voice...he made it too.
AIM1:but these twin guys were angry because they said all these people are making it and they have no talent, and Carrie Underwood was average according to us, others could've beaten her she wasn't that good and all this stuff, and then like...they stole a car?
Me: how do we know they stole a car?
AIM1: it was on the news a couple weeks ago
Me: niiice...way to keep up on the Idol news
AIM1: You're welcome
Me: so it was just a recap? They didn't do the group singing yet?
AIM1: no. Next week. It was a boring episode tonight
AIM1: I mean they went from like 175 to 99 and they showed like 10 people make it so it was stupid

There you have it people. Another disappointment, but next week starts the real deal so we should see an improvement.

And in closing, I would like to thank Laura again for her concise but accurate insight into "American Idol." It has also come to my attention that my readership has expanded past my devoted friends who read this blog just because they're that nice, and has reached the University of Connecticut. So Boylan's friend Kendra-thanks. You're probably the only person who reads this without me asking you to. Enjoy.

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katelynne donahue said...

Meg, I just wanted to say that I agree all the way on Santino-- I think he's just on for the ratings (Wendy Pepper, anyone?). I, too, was sad to see Nick go, but Daniel V. is my lover 4eva so as long as he's around I'm happy. Maybe next time I'm stranded in South Station we can discuss our own personal interpretations of Project Runway further.
Oh, and sweet blog.
auf Wiedersehen (GET IT?!)

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