Wednesday, February 22

My fantasy Idol team picks

Last night and tonight kicked off the performance segment of "American Idol." There are still a lot of contestants so talking about them all would bore you, but here's a summary of what I think (with some judge insight on the side). If I skipped someone they just weren't Get REALity worthy.

>Mandisa: "I thin we're going to see you through all the way to the finals of this show," said Simon. After a rocky start with the singer who expressed her hurt at Simon's comments on her weight, it seems Mandisa and Simon's relationship has bloomed into something beautiful. Look out for her powerful voice.

>Kellie: lovable and likeable North Carolinian with the dad in prison. Weeeakkk performance but I think Simon has a crush on her and she's one of the prettiest girls so she'll move on to the next round.

>Ayla: A Boston College Eagle hailing from right around here in Wrentham, Ayla made a strong first impression when she sang "Reflections" by Christina Aguilera. Not quite as strong as Xtina, but a more than decent rendition, nonetheless.

>Paris: DEFINITELY IN MY TOP 3! She's adorable and I thought her version of "Midnight train to Georgia" was really great and really entertaining. I predict she'll make it really far in the competition.

>Brenna: Ew. Put the claws away. You're not that good. I dislike you.

>Lisa: To be honest, I don't remember her performance from my notes, but I did take down this quote that made me laugh for about seven minutes. Paula to Lisa: "You light this fire inside my heart. From start to finish you are a STAR." Either Paula pregamed before AI or she's taking the same diet pills as Anna Nicole.

>Katharine: Simon said she was the best of the night, another one of my top three.

>David: A Sinatra-like crooner, I LOVE David, but I'm concerned about how far he's going to make it in the competition. The judges tore him apart and called his performance a joke. Do they have no hearts?! Am I the only one who saw his dimples?! So cute. Loved it.

>Bucky: One word....Creed.

>Will: This Bobby Brady look alike sang "I Want You Back" and it was good, but Paula made a comment about high school girls' hearts thumping and I'd have to disagree. More like high school boys Paula.

>Elliot: In the biggest compliment of the night, Simon said Elliot was the best male vocalist in Idol history. He is good, I can't deny it, but for those of you who went to high school with me, he really reminds me of that kid who used to do DDR in the caf and I'm having a hard time moving past it. I'll try, but I won't make any promises.

>Bobby: I'm sorry, did I say something? I'm just trying to get the cruise director's attention...I need another drink with an umbrella...

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