Saturday, March 25


Please excuse the interruption. This is an update of the "I think this is so funny it has become an emergency" system.

Pumpkin got the ax from more than just "Flavor of Love." Hard to believe anyone let the girl near other peoples underage children to begin with, but as it turns out the initiator of the spit seen 'round the world got the boot from her job as a substitute teacher in the Kern High School District in Bakersfield, California. Pumpkin, who when not on reality television shows (which isn't all that often) goes under the alias Brooke Thompson, claims the spitting incident was prompted by the show's producers. Um...and your point being? They're good at what they do. She also said that while she thought her dismissal was unfair, she was planning on pursuing a career in the entertainment industry. Lucky for her there's still "Date My Mom," "Next," and maybe the "Real World" if she plays her cards right.

While I have your attention, here's a quiz that tells you what reality show you belong on. Don't take it too seriously and sign up immediately or anything because it told me I'm "The Bachelorette" and one would hope that my life is void of that kind of desperation at only 19-years-old. Take it anyways and let me know what you get. If no one else gets "The Bachelorette" I might start to be a little concerned.

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