Tuesday, March 28

A girl can dream

This is more unrelated than the hideous nature of Kina's make-up choices (I'd bet $5 that she's packin' Bonnie Bell bubble gum glitter lip gloss in a very tacky "Goach" purse), but I do what I want.

Included in my list of blogs is a link to "Post Secret." Some of you might have checked it out already, but if you haven't you really need to. Like...right now. It's one of the few non-entertainment blogs that's worth your time. I'M KIDDING! Don't send me hate comments. But seriously, it's a really cool blog. So cool, in fact, that it inspired the video for the All-American Rejects' song "Dirty Little Secret."

I stumbled upon this article from USA Today about Post Secret and the success it's creator, Frank Warren, has met. The article is really great and it just goes to show how insane this whole blogging craze is. One day you're venting about the fact that Eric Nies wasn't on this season of the challenge and the next you have a book deal.

Maybe I'll write a book. A memoir even, so that way I can lie about everything and then sell twice as many books because I'll be known as that horrible, greedy lying college girl. Sounds like a solid life plan.

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