Monday, March 27

He's is that articulate girlfriend of his

Not quite the word I would use to describe my fellow Rhode Island man Randy, but hey, Ibis has different standards. Clearly. You'd think I'd have this intense post about the finale of the "Gauntlet 2," buuut things panned out differently. Timmy took out Derrick in the last gauntlet and the veterans put all their money on winning an eating contest against the rooks.

Word to the wise: never put all your chips in one pot. I don't know if that's exactly how the expression goes but you catch my drift. I'm none too happy about it, either. Kina, if you're reading this: You really, really suck. You're a poor sport, and you're a cry baby and I hate it when you talk to Randy in your baby voice and I think you were a horrible team captain because you were a fair-weather player. And if you are reading this, chances are you're flipping out to Randy about how I'm some loser who is like so pathetic for talking about someone I don't know, but here's the deal little lady, you are a reality show reject. You can blame it on editing all you want, but MTV couldn't possible paint you as the "you know what" that you really are without your help. Enjoy your five-minutes now sweetheart because they are over in 5...4...3...2...1.

Now onto the reunion special. Kina...there are no words. I just have to breath, stretch, shake it and let it go.

No, you know what, forget it. I can't let it go. As it turns out the reunion special is the Kina bashing Cara show. Cara handles is so well, though, and just laughs off the nonsensical rage spewing out of Kina's mouth.

Unrelated and insignificant: Blue eyeshadow up to your eyebrow is NOT okay, Kina. Nor is your Charlie's Angels coif and seashell necklace made to look like a long string of pearls. You just won a large sum of money. Get a stylist or something before you subject the world to your misguided fashion sense.

AWW!! Mark just retired from reality TV. Not my Marky Mark! A good soul has been lost today. Let us bow our heads and give thanks. The word of the MTV. Thanks be to Mary Bunim. Cuteness, though, because he gave his red bandana to Derrick as the first Road Ruler to the last.

Whoaaa ONCE AGAIN! Kina with the lack of class. It almost makes me want to keep up this blog after online journalism is over so I can educate the masses about her suckiness.

And that's it? The reunion special disappointed me too. What an anticlimactic end to the season. Boo.

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