Wednesday, March 22

Oh that? Right...

You know what I just realized? I never talked about the finale of "Project Runway." It must have slipped my mind...or slipped into the subconscious part of my brain where I store information I wish I could forget.

Anywa....wait, you can't figure it out for yourself? If I wish I could forget it then CLEARLY Daniel V didn't win. Thanks for bringing it up. UGH! I was so ANGRY! It's funny because I liked Chloe all throughout the show, but I felt such rage when she won I thought I was going to cry. (And when I say 'thought' I mean I had to literally fight back the tears of anger and hatred so my sister Heather wouldn't make fun of me.)

That's all I can possibly say about the finale, though because I won't be able to sleep if I keep going. Here's an interview with Mr. Battitude himself, Santino Rice, with his thoughts on the season shocker.

In other news, guess who made this distinctively anti-reality TV statement:

"I don't watch TV anymore. Nothing. I have no interest in that Idol [*expletive deleted* began with an 's' and ended with a 'hit']"

Check out the article because you really might be surprised in who had so much to say against reality television. Here's a hint: while I usually love this person I think he/she is just a little angry at the world right now. Life's tough, people. Don't take it out on Get REALity.

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