Wednesday, March 22

"This is a day of reckoning"--Alton

Monday and Tuesday. The double header of MTV's most popular reality shows.

Monday was the FINAL "Gauntlet 2" episode before the finale! Or at least it should have been. The initial challenge was for the teams to disassemble an official TJ Lavin racing bike, sprint across a field to tag the other half of the team, and then reassemble the bike before riding it across the finish line. It was looking pretty close for a long time, but David's jog on the way to the bike irritated his team and Randy's experience with bikes pushed the rookies over the edge YET AGAIN.

The rooks have clearly dominated this competition thus far, but they still have Ibis on the team which is dead weight as far as I'm concerned, so the Veterans aren't out of the game altogether.

In the deliberation room, it was pretty obvious that Derrick wanted to duel David in the gauntlet, but some of his teammates were torn, especially after Timmy all volunteered to go in. Derrick insisted on a vote, but Katie and Aneesa left their ballots blank because of their friendships with David. After a second vote the girls wrote down a name and Timmy was the final verdict. TJ let Derrick spin the wheel because he said he didn't want to hold his fate in his hands after coming through so many gauntlets. I agree that it will be really sad for Derrick if he goes home because he has worked so hard, but Timmy is one of my all-time favorite veterans and I'd be really sad to see him go.

Drumroll please.....

TO BE CONTINUED! Yup! Those jerks over at MTV left us hanging and added an extra episode into the line-up so we've got a whole two weeks to wait before the finale. The more nights I have to pray that evil Kina doesn't win any prize money, the better.

"The Real World" was just okay. More of the same. Paula is too skinny. Svetlana is annoying. Zach hit on some blonde chick and brought her back to the house. John is a pig. Tyler and Janelle are BFF and Jose is a sweetheart. What else happened? It's Wednesday and I don't even remember. Weeeeaaakk.

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