Wednesday, March 8

The rumor mill

Am I craving "Laguna Beach" or what?! I am so ready for season 3 or "The Hills" to premiere. Until then, though, there are things to be said of what's going on in the bubble.

FIRST as I'm sure many of you have heard, it has been rumored that the former Mr. Jessica Simpson, Nick Lachey, who is now 32, was seen canoodling (is that how you spell that?) around town with our own Kristin Cavallari who is only 19! That's a pretty big age difference but the pair claims the rumors are entirely false. Thank goodness! I mean, seriously, ew.

Apparently the talk has been fueled by pure coincidental encounters at the same restaurants and parties. That's kind of crazy in itself when you think about it considering Kristin is younger than I am and she's wining and dining with Hollywood A-listers like Lachey. Am I the only one who remembers that she's not legitimately famous?

I guess so because even PETA is sitting up and taking notice of Cavallari. The organization recruited the young fashionista to be the spokesperson for a new public service announcement speaking out against fur. If you ask me, Gracie the rabbit is the real star of the ad. LC would have made a better spokesperson. She is, after all, the one involved in the fashion world. I'd bet money that Kristin's mom owns at least one piece of fur clothing.

Speaking of speaking out, the city of Laguna Beach is none too happy about the way they have been portrayed on the MTV show centered in their humble little town. According to an article in the "Detroit Free Press," many of the 25,000 'Guna residents hate that their bohemian art colony-like city is being painted as the trashy home to spoiled rich kids.

"We are an affluent, tolerant community with a long heritage of culture, character and art. The MTV show has hijacked our identity, and people are beginning to feel violated," said Laguna native, attorney and father of five Howard Hills in the Free Press article. "It has become a metaphor for everything we don't want to be."

In the words of Kristin herself, "DRAMA! I LOVE IT!"

The article is really interesting and talks to a lot of different people with a lot of different views from the bubble. Check it outtt.

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