Wednesday, April 12

Close call on ANTM

Jade: "Look at me. I am a Supermodel. Can't you see I am a Supermodel?"
My roommate, Kyle: "No I can see a drag queen."

Truer words have never been spoken. Jade is too old and too obnoxious to be America's next top model. She won the initial challenge on ANTM this week, though, which challenged the girls to work the runway with spins and twirls in crazy outfits that tripped up more than a few of them. My beloved Sara did NOT fare as well as I hoped she would because the judges think she is not comfortable with her own height.

I can imagine most girls would feel uncomfortable if they broke the 6' mark. There was this chick on the South Kingston High School girls varsity volleyball team who was ridonculously tall and I felt so bad for her because she had no neck. I'm not exaggerating, either. She was so self-conscious and walked hunched over for so long that she developed this permanent hunch thingy where her head just disappeared into the rest of her body.

For the photo shoot this time around the girls took what they learned and had to "crump" on a rooftop with these creepy clown crumpers (Crumping, of course, being the new popular style of dance that is basically just madness in movement).

The girls overall did pretty well and nothing stood out too much from the shoot, except Twiggy said Brooke was "raunchy," which I thought was pretty hysterical.

I don't know how I feel about this blogging while the show is still on, but I've got things to do so this saves me some time. OH NO! Sara is in the bottom 2! But she's my favorite!!!! This could be my last week of blogging and the reality TV gods might not allow me to keep my favorite top model?! She's up against Leslie...who is gorgeous but is making some seriously scary faces tonight.

THANK GOODNESS!!!! I <3 style="font-weight: bold;">

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