Tuesday, April 11

"Let's just say your eyes kind of drive me crazy"--the smooth pick-up lines of Heidi, a self-proclaimed "loser". Yeah. RIGHT.

Tuesday night=love.

Awww!! Sad realization that this is the last Tuesday I will feel obligated to keep your informed on "Real World" and "8th & Ocean." Single tear.

haha I hope some of you got that reference. Okay so here we go again with Paula issues. I'm sorry but I just don't really care all that much. I feel bad for her and I hope she gets help and I hope she doesn't go back to her abusive boyfriend, HOWEVER, I need some better drama than that. This whole episode was about Paula and then some random slut got naked in the pool, which led Jose to w.a.l.k.a.w.a.y. ouch. That hurts. She will forever be ridiculed by her friends and labeled as one of very few people who have ever been rejected by a "Real World" cast member. They're secluded. They'll take anything.

Ask and you shall receive! Previews for next week show John accusing Paula of being a lesbian and then saying that nothing she can ever say will rectify the situation. I'm sure he didn't say the word rectify though. That might be a bit too much for him to chew on.

Ohh...I'm in the process of watching "8th & Ocean" and I'm dying of curiosity to see if smoke comes out of Kelly's ears when she finds out Sabrina got booked for the casting they BOTH went out on. The best part was when they had to answer a question on their casting, Kelly said she liked it when people kept it "real" and then proceeded to pause for like 2 minutes when she decided that picking her homosexual friend was a good idea because he's "funky." Give the girl a break, camera guy, homosexual is 5 whole syllables. It's understandable that she forgot the word she was looking for.

HERE IT COMES!! Ahh I feel like it's Christmas!

Perfect. Exactly what I was hoping for. Sabrina is all excited about her huge campaign for Laundry, and Kelly doesn't even pretend to be happy for a millisecond. Some of my personal favorites from this scene were, "Dammit! Why can't they use me too?," "I feel ill," and "Maybe I'll go with you." And what? You'll walk in the door and they'll realize what a colossal mistake they made? Keep dreamin' blondie. You suck!

I hope that modeling agencies watch this show and then make it a point to only cast Sabrina. AND I hope my little Rina gets job after job now and Kelly gets rejected. Victory is mine! So I might be a little too happy about Kelly's despair, but what can I say, it makes for good TV and as a youngest child with two older sisters, I know how sibling rivalry feels.

"I don't want you to get let down." That's what Kelly just said. ew. ew. ew. EW.

That's alright Kelly, you can put her down if it makes you feel better. From the looks of it the Laundry campaign is going to book your superior sister over and over again, though, so get used to that place in the shadow. I'm smiling right now. Physically smiling. Thank you, reality TV, for putting a little something extra into my weeknights.

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