Tuesday, April 4

My Halloween mask for next year? Yup...Irene Marie

"I've got this 'ahh' on my face!"...wow, Irene. That's your "ah" face? Looks a lot like your angry face...your happy face...well, all of your faces.

I will agree, however, that Adrian was a pretty good actor, at least by "Passions" standards. Overdramatic and a tad bit silly? Yes, but if you've ever seen that soap opera, when I watched it a great deal of the plot revolved around a witch and her midget companion who everyone else thought was a doll. Good luck with that Adrian.

Another good luck should be extended to the evil twin Kelly who began talking to Irene this week about getting breast enhancement surgery. Looks like someone not only wants to ditch her sister, but is moving from Ocean Drive to Bourbon Street. Give her a few months and we'll see her in Maxim, FHM, and who knows, maybe Playboy.

Good riddance, Sabrina. I don't know why Rina (yeah, I did it. I made up a nickname for someone I don't know. What are you gonna do about it?) cares about her sister anyway, considering she is Satan in a bikini. Fortunately for all you good girl fans out there, Sabrina's career looks like it'll be picking up speed just like Britt's. The previews for next week's "8th & Ocean" showed the modeling agents talking about how pleased they were with Sabrina's skin and saying they wanted to send her out on castings again. THEN Sabrina gets a call about a great new job she landed. "Just you?" Kelly asks. Yeah JUST HER you slutbomb. I don't know if I can say slutbomb in this blog...honestly there are no other words to describe her though, so I apologize in advance for straying from academic standards. Blame it on MTV. They corrupt morals.

The "Real World" was on tonight too and you will NEVER believe what happened. Everyone rallied together to torture Svetl...oh. I guess you will believe it because it was just like every episode thus far. Except for the occasional mention of Paula's eating disorder. I find myself surprised to be relieved for those few glimpses into the life of someone other than our own Russian Mafia beauty, which is especially surprising because honestly, who cares about Paula?

In case you didn't catch the episode though, Svetlana paired up with the only housemate with more issues than she has, Paula, and the duo redecorated the tanning salon after the rest of the cast had already put in a ton of work. Svetlana conveniently blamed the whole thing on their boss, Rick, who proceeded to ask them not to come to work for a day so he could fix BOTH groups horrendous attempts at interior design. That poor guy is wishing he hadn't signed up for reality TV.

Funniest moment of the night was definitely when Tyler hid the phone from Fitz so she couldn't call her boyfriend, Martin. haha!! It might not have been the most mature approach, but I for one laughed. For some reason I don't feel bad for her at all and I uncharacteristically appreciate Tyler's cruelty. Damn, I'm one jaded fan of reality TV. Honestly though, people, if you have issues that you don't want on TV or if you don't want to subject yourself to intense scrutiny, DON'T GO ON A REALITY SHOW. Period.

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