Tuesday, October 23

NOT a fun day at the carnival

"Carnivals are supposed to be fun but this is not my most fun day at the carnival."--lesbian #8

Oh shut up, how am I supposed to know their names?? There's like a billion people on A Shot at Love and the only one I really care about is the pizza delivery guy from Warwick. How the eff does that guy deliver pizzas in MY hometown and I don't know him. I mean, helloooo?!?! I love Warwick and I love pizza. When I get home I'm calling every pizza parlor in the city until I find him and I'm going to interview him for Get REALity. Not like that mama's boy has anything better to do anyway. He'll probably give me my pizza for free.

I'm watching the end of the show as we speak. Alex got kicked off, who was one of the hotter guys so I'm semi-bummed about that, but Dani stayed which I'm pumped about because she's the only non-lipstick lesbo left and I loooove her. She's so cute!!! She's totally my favorite person on the show so far, hence why I actually know her name.

On a serious note, though, how many celebrity dating shows are we doing to deal with? I'm kind of over it. I don't even know who Tila really is. What exactly does an "Internet phenom" do? Am I an Internet phenom? I have fans...sort of. I just don't know how much more of this I can take. I'm so busy already and you guys know I can't resist this crap! They can't wave it under my nose and not expect me to take the bait.

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