Tuesday, October 23

"Oh, is that how it's gonna be?"

My sociology of violence and weather exams are finally over so now I can focus on what's really important...watching TV and being lazy. I deserve it. Not that it'll last long because I have three exams next week, but at least for today I'll revel in doing absolutely nothing productive...other the blogging, obviously.

The Hills last night was kind of a let down. When I saw the previews last week I thought Heidi's "I'm going to work, you should try it" was going to cause way more of a stir than it did. Points to Heidi, though. I mean, seriously, what does Spencer do? He's always home and he's always on the computer so either he's starting rumors via the Internet or creating fake fan sites for him and his plastic wifey. Or more likely, he's just googling his own name to feed that vanity that attracted Heidi in the first place. Flames didn't shoot out of his eyes or anything, though, like the moment when Heidi told him that Brody was hanging out with Lauren. That was CLASSIC! Best Week Ever did the funniest editing of that clip.

Team LC was pretty mellow this ep too. Pretty boy Gavin did seem on the vanilla side, but I think Lauren is pretty harsh on her loyal minions. Give a guy a break! You dated someone who cheated on every girlfriend he ever had, answers every question with an "I don't know" and who was attracted to Alex M in the first place. Bleck. Lay off the metallic lip gloss, hun.

Needless to say Gavin did NOT fare well by the end of the date and it seems the experience just brought our dear Lauren one step closer to Spencer's ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner. When homeboy catches wind of the potentially rekindled romance, it's going to take more than a date at Don Antonio's to cheer wittle Spence up. Previews for next week hinted at the final showdown between the boys of The Hills. Heidi better stay on the sidelines if it comes to blows. I wouldn't want her to have to work even more overtime to pay for another new face.

Now, Heather, stop reading because the only other show I watched last night was Heroes and I know you haven't seen it this week yet. I know most of my friends don't really follow the show, but if you haven't gotten into it you really should. The NBC Web site has older episodes and the second season isn't too far in yet. In fact, it's just starting to pick up. We've met a few new heroes, including Kristin Bell from Veronica Mars, who has the power to manipulate and create electric currents as evident by the charred body left in the wake of her search for Peter Petrelli. At one point her character is on the phone with "daddy" and I have a feeling she might have been talking to the guy at "the company" that Mohinder is pretending to work for. Very reminiscent of Claire's plot. We may have a blonde against blonde showdown later in the season.

I actually really like Matt's plot this season too. His dad is a cool villain because he's very unassuming but pretty scary nonetheless. I can't wait for all of the plots to intersect and have some serious action.

So yeah, that was TV last night. I'm completely bummed because I forgot Little People, Big World was on so I missed this week. That show is the shit because it's about absolutely nothing. It's not scripted or prompted by directors and 90% of it is just them hanging out. The only thing with that, is why not me????

Well I'm going to go ponder that question while I wait for Kyle to get home so she can make us dinner :) Roomie date night tonight. whoop whoop!


Anonymous said...

Daaayuuum straight mofo, I make the best steak. You remember me forever!
I'm ecstatic the blog is back; you literally have me LOLing. I havent seen the new Hills yet but I was desperately hoping for a Spencer-Heidi fight, hopefully ending in Spencer putting Heidi in isolation for speaking out against her master.
Love youuu,
Roomie <3

LARMS said...


I don't know if you can see this, but it's really funny. The Scary Movie link? Makes me laugh every time.

I am super excited the blog is back, it's my security blanket for when I miss reality tv. Thank God that we are best friends and that we watch the same tv shows, or else I would be lost.

If you only watched Prison Break...... ;) Get into it!


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