Tuesday, October 30

Where's my villain at?

Sorry I couldn't resist posting that pic...can you imagine driving that thing? I'd be so distracted. Not that it takes much.

Monday night TV. A saving grace for a case of the Mondays, which probably explains why I was up late reading a book I was tested on this morning. The "I'll read during commercials" approach never quite works out.

Thankfully, though not so much so for my homework, I remembered to watch Little People, Big World, which seriously covered like the entire summer in an hour. It started with them still on their family road trip up the West coast and ended with them planting pumpkins. I hate how they try to condense it all because the content is kind of boring. Like I've said before, I love the show because nothing ever happens. I mean the one time they had serious drama when Jacob got hurt by that pumpkin launcher-thingy, they milked that for like 4 episodes.

Heroes, on the other hand, was dec. [Sidebar: I hate how my abbreviation for decent looks like it'd be pronounced "deck."] It's starting to get more confusing, which I actually like, because that means that more plots are going to start overlapping and the end of the season will be tre exciting. I'm totally over Peter's Irish girlfriend, though. I want him to get back in the action with my fave heroes, like Claire. I felt like they were hinting at a potential Mohinder-Nikki/Jessica romance last night, which I would like VERY much. Mohinder is super hot and he hasn't really gotten much action.

What I don't understand from last night, is why were those immigrant people still down with Sylar after he told the brother that he was going to kill them both. Um, yeah, the sister has a crush on him, but I think if she knew he was going to kill them she might see Sy in a new light. I for one was hoping he would turn over a new leaf and become a good guy, but guess that's not happening. I just don't want them to make him the main bad guy this season. It's been done. Time for brain-stealer to move over and make room for a new villain.

Ew...time for weather & climate, so I'll have to talk about The Hills later. Stay tuned.

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