Tuesday, October 30

Crack that whip

One more kink in the evil plans of Speidi (just go with it, okay?). Just as Heidi is getting things at work under control in the wake of Hurricane Elodie, Spencie gets his panties in a twist about her not spending enough time with him. Looks like sitting at home painting fugly murals and "managing" his pretend-fiancee's career is getting boring. Boring enough to call up his ex-boyfriend and make amends?

I was pleased to see that Frankie stood up for Brody and LC, especially because Spencer had nothing to say in return. A black and white flashback to the "you're rolling around with MY ENEMY. That makes YOU my enemy" would have been perfection. But alas, it appears Lauren's hold on Brody is getting tighter by the minute and paired with the Prince of Malibu's wounded ego, the silent treatment might be all Spencer gets from his ex. Lauren swears she doesn't want to be the reason that a friendship ends, but you know my girl is secretly celebrating the further demise of Speidi...yeah, I guess that is kind of awkward maybe I won't use it anymore.

In other Hills news, Whitney made her first presentation to the folks over at Teen Vogue in New York, which felt super awky to me but apparently impressed emotionless Lisa nonetheless. Lauren, meanwhile, scooted over to be an accessory bitch for a Marc Jacobs shoot. WHICH, correct me if I'm wrong, she was distinctly underwhelmed about. I love LC, but the BB didn't even stand up when Marc came in and shook her hand. Ummm, manners much?

Oh well, Marc didn't seem to bothered by it, and frankly, what I'm more worried about is why was Marc Jacobs wearing relatively high waisted sky-blue sweatpants?

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