Thursday, November 15

Don't people understand I have a blog to update?!

Okay so not only have I still not seen this week's eps of A Shot at Love OR The Real World, but I have so many things to say about the new season of Project Runway plus Tuesday's Real Housewives! Unfortch, I have an exam in weather tomorrow and I'm crazy stressed about it so y'all have to wait. This kind of demonstrates my frustration, but with weather...

hahaha I love it. In the meantime, look at these other wicked funny pics that are part of a facebook group about what to do on an exam when you know you're going to fail anyway.


Can you read that? If you can't just click on it and it should bring you to a bigger version.

TOO FUNNY! I'd have a hard time failing a kid with answers like that...there's something to be said for fearlessness and creativity. Maybe I should try one of their methods on my test tomorrow, like refusing to answer every question for a different reason. "I regretfully am unable to answer this question about surface station weather observations because it goes against my religious beliefs..."

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