Tuesday, November 13

Here comes the showdown

Just another manic Monday...
...night of TV.

Little People, Big World was uneventful. Are you surprised? Jacob scored the winning goal at his game. The boys finished building their swamp fort. Matt's VW bug is finished (perhaps the car he was pulled over for drunk driving in??). And Jeremy is still whipped by his girlfriend. The end.

Whatever...don't criticize. The Roloffs are freakin awesome.

On the other hand, Heroes delivered a lot more action.

This week's ep brought us back three or four months to answer all the questions we've had hanging over our heads. After Peter exploded, he was taken in by the company "for his own good," which he was okay with for a while. You know he's got that whole noble thing going for him. While he was there we got to know a little more about two of our new heroes too.

Kristin Bell's character, whose name I always forget, has a hard time controlling her powers so she's been under the company's watchful eye for almost her entire life. She and Pete smooched, though, which I don't really get. Did he do it because he actually liked her or because he was trying to manipulate her? Hm...I don't know, but I wonder what Hayden had to say on set the day her rival blonde got to kiss her boo.

Also while in his cell, Pete got to know his neighbor Adam, who we know as Tazeko Kensei (and no, I have NO idea if that's spelt correctly). After secretly flushing his meds for a while, superboy tapped DL's power and walked right through the wall into Adam's room, who apparently is 300 years old.

That is a seriously cool power.

The indestructible duo headed over to Nathan's hospital room where he was almost completely charred from flying the atomic Peter away from New York City. Turns out Adam Kensei's blood has healing powers and poof! Nathan's all better. God forbid there be a disfigured or disabled star on a hit TV show.

Nikki/Jessica added a new persona to the bunch sometime in the past four months. Gina is a LA bad girl who doesn't seem to be quite a stretch from Jessica in the first place. AND OF COURSE she got DL shot. That poor guy did nothing but get dragged down by her every chance she had. And that was after he saved a little boy from a raging house fire :(

Nikki's wearing on my nerves.

So that answered a lot, but we didn't hear from Claire, Hiro, Mohinder or the rest of the gang so I'm excited to see how the rest of this half of the season plays out. Apparently we only have four episodes left so I'm sure shits going to go down and then they'll make us wait like four months before they finish out the season. That is if this strike is resolved any time soon. If not we'll only be left with reality TV.

Which includes The Hills so I'm not too worried. Last night's half hour delivered in a big way. If you didn't catch it you absolutely MUST see one of the eight million reruns of it because LC owned Heidi in a big way. After giving her archnemesis the cold shoulder at an event, Heidi reached out in the most mature way possible (via IM, naturally).

Big surprise that Spencer read his slave/fiancee's private conversation and seemed none too happy that the girl who broke up his relationship with Brody might once again come between he and his woman. Pretty disturbing that Heidi wasn't phased or surprised, or angry even, that her privacy had been violated.

Then, in the final showdown, Lauren did not yield to her ex-friend's apologies and for once MTV didn't over edit. All I have to say is: I WANT TO FORGIVE YOU AND I WANT TO FORGET YOU.

**Small, ghetto Orion TV: $75
**Husky cable: "Free" (aka the only thing I don't have to pay for specifically in my $55,000 a year tab at Northeastern)
**Watching Heidi get rejection for the final time: Priceless

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