Tuesday, November 6

It's her party and she'll sulk if she wants to

Text message from Laura: "Promise me my bday wont be like hers"

Not possible, Laura, not at all. Last night's ep of The Hills fell on Heidi's 21st birthday. TWENTY-FIRST. We're talking finally able to legally drink (not that these reality stars haven't been served for like the past 3 years anyway, but still), the official party birthday of your lifetime. I mean, yeah, being considered an adult is cool and all, but other than receiving harsher legal punishments, voting and buying porn, it's kind of overrated. The 21st birthday is a monumental thing. Mine spanned weeks. Bar sloppiness at midnight with my close girls, classy dinner with more friends, bar crawl with the sister and co., and just general drinking for three straight weeks.

Heidi....not so much. I loved the new Elodie's reaction to hearing Heidi's birthday plans. She was all giddy and excited when she asked "so what are you doing for the big 2-1?!" and homegirl's face just fell when Heidi was like, "oh well I'm having dinner with Spence." She actually said "that's it?" which is kind of ballsy when you think about it because she barely knows Heidi in the first place. Loves it.

I thought maybe there'd be a surprise party with hired fillers, but she really wasn't kidding. It was the most pathetic birthday I've ever seen. First of all, they sat on the same side of the table which I HATE when people do that. Awky. And second, after the gift portion, the only thing they had to talk about was Heidi assuring Spencer, but essentially talking herself into believing, that a dinner for two was exactly what she wanted. Keep telling yourself that.

Apparently the "perfect night" prompted the evil one to reach out to Lauren as indicated by next week's previews. I pray to the reality TV gods that the clip of Lauren saying "I want to forgive you...and then I want to forget you" is an exact clip and my dear LC doesn't take her former roommate back. She doesn't deserve you, Lauren!!!

Oh...right, and in the rest of the episode the Teen Vogue fashion show went off well and Whitney and Lauren did not get fired. The end.

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Marcella said...

Thanks for writing this.

"You don't even know the difference between right and wrong anymore...it's just sad"