Tuesday, November 6

wHiNe iT uP

With my Monday line-up there will never be another case of the Monday. It's the one night of the week where I really just park it and watch way too much TV, and considering I was watching The Real Housewives marathon (which I am definitely NOT watching while posting this...and by not I mean I am) before my shows even started goes to show how productive I was last night.

Little People, Big World is so hugely underrated. I can't believe none of my friends watch it. Last night was this huge athletic "LP" tourney and Zach and Amy both competed in volleyball, and then Zach went on to do basketball and soccer. They really focused on soccer because Marty Klebba, who's a friend of the family and famous little person actor/stunt man, is the captain of the L.A. Breakers, which is the team Zach faced in the final.

The cool thing was that a guy who played on the first LP champion basketball team with Amy was on Zach's team too, as well as his son who scored the winning goal. Oh...I just gave it away. Yeah, Zach's team won even though they were the total underdog so the episode had a happy ending. I thought Matt was going to cry for goodness sake. Get a hold of yourself, little man.

Heroes was kiiind of the same as last week as far as coolness factor. The plot is getting more confusing which bodes well for the rest of the season because I feel like in season one, the most confusing parts ended up being the most entertaining. Nikki stabbed herself with the virus and contracted a new strand, though, so her days could be numbered! I'm hoping not because she's my sisters favorite character AND I'm kind of wanting her and Mohinder to get it on. Matt's powers intensified last night too and he trapped his dad in his own nightmare? Very cool. Claire's bf totally bailed on her when he learned that man with the horn-rimmed glasses could be his future father-in-law.

Nothing terribly exciting, BUUUT the previews for next Monday blew me away. It had overly dramatic music with the "dun DUN" type deal and was all like, "You have questions," and then listed a bunch (which were questions I actually did have) and said they'd allllllll be answered. dun dun DUN! A tad over the top, yes, but definitely got me pumped.

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Lauren Bradley said...

MEG! It's Lauren (DiSano) Bradley!!!! And I TOTALLY WATCH LITTLE PEOPLE BIG WORLD!!!! It's FRIGGIN GREAT!!!! This blog is hilarious, Im passing it on to all of my friends!!!! :) Hope you are well!!!!

"You don't even know the difference between right and wrong anymore...it's just sad"