Monday, November 5

The Real Desperate Housewives

I don't know if I've ever been so ridiculously consumed by television. I mean, yeah, I write a blog about TV, but there aren't that many shows I'm hooked on and half of them are only half hour MTV shows.

Who am I kidding? I have a ton of Marx reading to do and I'm sitting on my ass to watch 4 1/2 consecutive hours. I know that's not right, but they keep showing old episodes of The Real Housewives of Orange County and as a blogger I want to make sure I'm up to date on the shows I write just drop it. The new season premieres tomorrow and I'm so excited!

It's hard for me to say which housewife is my favorite. Jeana is definitely the most laid back of the group and I like her kids the most, but Vicki is so effing crazy that she is one of the most entertaining and I'm probably the most like her. There's always one character in every show that I'm most like. I'm totally the arrogant competitor in Christina on Grey's, and I think Monica from F.R.I.E.N.D.S. might have been written in my likeness. The only thing is that I hope I wouldn't ambush my son at college. That ep was hysterical, but I felt bad for everyone involved. When Vicki ever walked in with the beer and screamed "Wooooo!! Where's the party?!" I almost peed my pants. Poor Michael. Those kids will never escape that woman. Neither will Don, come to think of it.

Vicki's business partner Lauri is really sweet too and I am SO HAPPY for her that she met George and is getting married in this new season. I hope her kids can all behave, though. Josh has his whole set of issues and Ashley gives her mom wayyyy too much attitude. I think she's just j-lous that her mom is prettier.

Based on the previews though I guess Jo is no longer with us. Ohh, how NOT SAD for America. Slade didn't really think she was in it for love, did he? That's some hard core gold digging action, there. I love how the only time they showed Slade's older son say anything about her he said something along the lines of "yeah, I think Jo's very pretty. She could definitely be a model." followed by a blank stare because the chick has nothing else going on. 'Cept she can hold her liquor...which is something, I guess.

I hope they at least tell us what happened to Jo. I wonder if that impending "record deal" turned into a Hooters calendar or something. She will do great things.

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