Saturday, November 3

I ♥ George

I don't know if you guys knew this about me...but...I can do a perfect Molly Ringwald 80s dance. It's true. And the fact that The Breakfast Club is on not only makes me tremendously happy, but it has invigorated me enough to stir the troops to brave the weather for dinner. Nothing cures a mild hangover like a burger and fountain soda. Delish.

So this hurricane, huh?! I'm sure I'll return to my apartment completely soaked, but I will say, it is PERFECT TV watching weather. Project Runway has been on a lot lately in anticipation of this seasons premiere (NOVEMBER 14TH!!!!!!!) so curl up and and do your best Tim Gunn impression while Andre prances on the screen.

Or better yet, go on the ABC Web site and catch this week's episode of Grey's if you missed it. It was a good one, especially if you're a fan of the budding Izzie and George relationship. They have still yet to do the deed, but I'm stoked that they're giving it a shot. I mean I feel bad for Callie and all....I'm just not her biggest fan, especially now that Addison is gone. I liked their dynamic but now that big red's gone my short-lived affection for Cal has waned.

Christina spent the majority of the episode this week trying to get back in Hahn's good graces, but alas, the battle of the bitches gives another round to the new head of cardiothorascic surgery. Hahn pushed her way into the chief's "gentleman's evening" too, by playing the race card. I haven't quite made up my mind about her, especially because Addison will probably be back in the near future...seeing as no one watches the "other Grey's show."

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