Friday, November 23

A Punch at Love

FINALLY! I have seen "that" episode of A Shot at Love. Sorry it took me so long, and sorry I haven't posted much this week but little mommy was in need of a Thanksgiving assistant. I've been running a billion errands and cooking up a storm. I was so busy I almost forgot I don't like Thanksgiving, in fact.

So THE episode...that fateful episode. Why, oh why, did they not play "there's about to be a, what?, a girl fight" in the background. That would have made it perfect.

I tuned in just in time to find a somber Tila scolding the group about the unnecessary drama going on in the house. What better way to solve it than to turn friend against friend and foe against foe by asking them to tell her, and the entire group, who they each think is the most and least compatible for their lady.

Brandi and Dani both had a fair showing for most compatible, with Dani edging her bleached blonde housemate out. Hooray!! I ♥ Dani, and naturally her sweet response to the situation was "It was cool to know that everyone felt that way about me." Ugh. Love.

In the shocker of the century, Vanessa was voted least compatible by pretty much everyone. She seemed to believe it was because they were intimidated by their so-called biggest competition. I think they all just realized that Vanessa wants constant attention, even if it's at Tila's expense.

The got to go on a solo date with Tila. Sparks flew with Dani :) Vanessa, on the other hand, wouldn't shut her trap and it didn't go unnoticed by Tila. It was actually some pretty brilliant editing. They kept going back to the confessional of her saying how bored she was. Add a few carefully selected sound effects and you've got some comedy.

When it came time for elimination, pretty boy Steven got the boot and then, what we were waiting for...when Tila called Brandi to come get her key, Vanessa grabbed a HUGE chunk of yellow hair and starting laying in. I have no idea who won the fight. Brandi was on top at one point, but it was just a clusterfuck of hair and shoes and little manicured fists.

A true firefighter, Dani was first on the scene with butterface Ryan close behind, while the others looked on in horror and Tila cried in a corner. Awesome snapshot.

Vanessa goes ape shit and starts breaking glasses and everything, saying she's the only one who's there for Tila, and it was so effin funny because a producer or body guard or someone picked her up and carried her away and she looked like she was 8 with her legs flailing in the air. Only difference being her weave was half way ripped out.

Then Brandi, in all her hysteria, told Tila she couldn't do it anymore? Bobby was right when he said Vanessa won in the end anyway, because she wanted Brandi gone, and her mission was accomplished. Crazy ish, man.

It wasn't long until Brandi came crawling back. This week's ep showed her asking for forgiveness (which Amandazonian was flippin out over), but I was really surprised that Tila put her stilletto down on this one. The remaining bunch had a challenge involving transferring chocolate sauce from a kiddie pool to a bucket. Bobby won, with the others having shared dates. Compared to last week it was a pretty benign episode and Little Italy was finally deported.

I'm with Amanda on Domenico's departure. I didn't think he was all that special.

"I have these dicks on either side of me crying like babies."

Well said Barbie, well said.


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