Sunday, March 19

"Calling all stars"--I catch up with Diddy's golden girl

I've got another Q&A for you guys! You might remember Aubrey from "Making the Band 3," as one of the best dancers of the series as well as one of only three girls who were carried over from the show's first installment. Well Aubrey has been promoting the band a lot on MySpace in anticipation of their first album, so I caught up with her. She's really busy between rehearsals and recording and promoting so she couldn't talk for long, but here are some brief answers to a few of the questions I had.

Me: What were your expectations going into the filming of "Making the Band"?
Aubrey: "I was scared but at the same time I was excited to meet new people and work with great artists like Diddy."

Me: What was the hardest part of being on the show? Did you ever regret it?
Aubrey: "The hardest part were the cuts. When Diddy would say the word "cuts" my heart would drop, but no I don't regret it at all."

Me: What was being on a reality show like for you? Looking back, would you do anything differently and would you do it again?
Aubrey: "Being on TV is such an amazing opportunity and I was very lucky to have a chance to actually try out for the all-female group, and actually make it."

Me: What advice would you give to aspiring artists hoping to make it in the business?
Aubrey: "My best advice would be to follow your dreams. You really can do anything you set yourself to, that is why I have that as my headline."

Me: What's the funniest thing that happened behind the scenes that we didn't get to see on the show?
Aubrey: "There are so many funny things that happened! This one time we were all making fun of Jason when he was sleeping because he snores really loud or this other time when Wanita got mad at me and Audnrea because we drank her orange juice. Best advice I could give you, don't drink Wanita's orange juice!"

Me: Who inspires you to keep going when things get really tough?
Aubrey: "My mommy and my best friend Aundrea. We support each other."

Me: What's it like working with Diddy and can you tell us something about him that most people don't know?
Aubrey: "He might seem like a very mean person, but he is actually a sweetheart once you get to know him."

Me: What can we expect to see from the band and when can we expect to see it?
Aubrey: "Things in the band are going great right now, expect great things. We are working on our CD right now, and trust me, you are going to love the songs!"

So we're not quite sure when the band is going to be producing something for us, but definitely keep your eyes out for it because it could be any day now. Let's hope this time Diddy's band fares a little bit better than O-Town. Ashley Parker Angel depends on his mother-in-law, open mic nights and construction jobs for cash now so anything will be better than their one-hit-wonder.


Keith A said...

I have no interest in drinking Wanita's orange juice.

kevinc said...

Your format both shocks and awes me. I find it both hard to follow and tantalizingly wonderous.

Erika Lynn said...

Wow, it is awesome that you got an interview with her... even if i don't know who she is. Guess I should figure out what channel MTV is...

"You don't even know the difference between right and wrong's just sad"