Tuesday, March 14

A new 'Guna?

Aaaand we're back with some other new reality shows that could be the next "Real World." That's highly unlikely, and a new "Get This Party Started" is probably in the cards for some poor, unsuspecting newbie network exec who thought it was a good idea to make a reality show about Flavor Fla...oh....someone really did that. What's worse, some people actually enjoyed it.

*Okay, so picture this, Laguna Beach on top of a snowy mountain where the beach bums are snow bunnies and the bikinis and flip flops are puffy jackets and Ugg boots. That's the concept behind the new MTV-funded pilot, "Vail Valley." The series will follow a group of friends who live, work and play-hard-in the resort town. MTV is working with High Noon Entertainment on the documentary-style show after the major network saw the small company's three-minute trailer this past winter. Details are scarce as of right now, but Vail is looking forward to the exposure the show will give them.

*The following description is rated PG-most people and may not be suitable for audiences of any kind. "Boys Will be Girls." Okay, I warned you! If that's not reason enough to skip ahead then you're one tough person. The six-episode series is based out of London and will take former boy band members and move them into a house together where they will practice singing and dancing. This 'aint no "American Idol," though, my friends. The group of boys will have to convince a live audience that they aren't a cookie cutter pop boy band, but a...cookie cutter...pop...girl band? Yup. Thattt's right. "Boys Will be Girls" will air in April and, as I'm excited to see, will include leg waxing, toenail painting and maybe if we're lucky some very manicured eyebrows.

*You know what's a weird combination? Royalty and reality TV. Not exactly the most regal of choices for Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson, but Fergie has decided to embark on a reality project where she will move into the homes of overweight families in an attempt to help them diet and embrace a healthier lifestyle. While the Duchess has been known for her own personal weight battles, a spokesperson for her royal heiness said she's looking forward to helping others in a n area she has struggled with her whole life. "The Biggest Loser" on a royal stage. Nice.

*This time around I decided to save the best for last. TNT is the home of my beloved "Law and Order" (the show, not Chuck Norris' legs) and the network is going to be adding a real-life sleuth to their line-up. The "Real World's" Bunim/Murray Productions will be developing the series that will chronicle the investigations of an actual private detective. The show is yet unnamed, but TNT is already searching for their modern day Sherlock Holmes and a pilot order will be considered this summer. I'd definitely keep my ears open for this one because it sounds like a new and really cool idea.

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