Tuesday, March 7

Showdown at the St. Regis

*Ta-da* Ladies and gents, we have a new section of the blog to introduce. Thanks to my friend Cath, I have the inside scoop about "Laguna Beach," BEFORE our favorite rich kids became famous overnight.

A lot of articles about 'Guna have reported that the LC, Stephen, Kristin love triangle was fabricated by MTV producers, but "Life Inside the Bubble" reports that despite some hyped up drama, the competition for Stephen was totally real.

Jen is a fixture on the series, but is not considered one of the main characters. She is simply referred to as LC's brunette friend. Her birthday party at the St. Regis hotel, pre-camera crews, was the site of the original showdown between Team LC and Team Kristin. (And in case you're wondering, I'm a proud member of Team LC, hence the satisfaction I felt when "Get This Party Started" was cancelled. DUNZO!)

Lauren and Stephen were 'seeing' each other at the beginning of their senior year, but when rumors started flying about Stephen and Kristin, Lauren was nervous to say the least. Her friends warned her she should drop him before things got bad, but she believed her long-time best friend when he said the rumors were just that-rumors.

LC arrived at Jen's party solo that night, though, so when she spotted Kristin across the room she figured now was a good a time as any to find out the truth from the source. The book says Kristin was surprised to hear LC ask the question. Surprised, but not offended.

"'Yes,' Kristin said. She couldn't believe Lauren was asking her this. For a month now Stephen had been assuring her that it was over with Lauren. He just wanted to ease out of things slowly, he said, to avoid breaking Lauren's heart. Kristin had been patient against her better judgment, because Lauren and Stephen had known each other forever. She knew he'd be devastated to lose her friendship. Now Kristin was furious."

Unfortunately this moment wasn't captured on the show, but moments later Stephen walked into the party and was cornered by the two girls.

[brace yourself]

Stephen said, flat out, that he liked Kristin and not Lauren. Right there in the middle of the party with guests clearly evesdropping. Not cool, Stephen, not cool.

Now that we know this, I think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who couldn't understand the rivalry between the two So-Cal blondes. What I don't get is why anyone likes Stephen in the first place. He's too skinny and he's a Liiarrrr. Cheeeaaattterrr. guilty. guilty.guilty.guilty.
Sorry. Little Dane Cook reference there.

Alright I have to go the Grinder again because that's where it's at in Warwick, but I hope you enjoyed this little peak into the truth behind "Laguna Beach." Keep stopping in and I'll clue you in on some of the other secrets you didn't get to see on the show.

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Kyle Leigh said...

By FAR my fave post yet..and its not just because of the awesome Dane reference :). Kristen sucksand should join the Homewrecking Ho's Group of Laguna.

"You don't even know the difference between right and wrong anymore...it's just sad"