Sunday, April 9

As I sit me down to TV...

BREAKING reality television news. I was just watching "24" with my mom and I saw a preview for a reality show that is either genius or really, really wrong.

"God or the Girl" will premiere on A&E later this month and will follow a group of young aspiring priests as they embark on their journey through the seminary and weigh their options between a life devoted to God or true love. I don't know if these guys already have girlfriends and they're trying to make a choice or if they're still playing the field between religion classes?

To be quite honest, if I were dating a guy who was considering choosing God over me, no matter how noble a concept it is, I think I'd be a little nervous. What if every time you get in a fight he's like, "I knew I should've become a priest." Like, that's pretty harsh. My dad was actually supposed to be a priest but he jumped ship on his own accord before he met my mom. You should all give thanks for that because without his decision you wouldn't be reading this brilliant piece of opinionated journalism right now.

In the sacrilegious words of my dad on Thanksgiving at the conclusion of a poem he wrote about our family (don't worry it's a joke. My family might be silly but they're not THAT silly), "The word of the Frase. Thanks be to Bob."

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