Sunday, April 9

Stop the insanity!!!

I don't know if I've told y'all this before, but I subscribe to the Google alerts feature from, through which you can have the search engine e-mail you every time they get a hit from a Web site including key words that you inquire about. Of my very long list of Google alerts, I have them search for "Laguna Beach," "Reality television," "Reality TV" and "Project Runway."

At first I thought this was a brilliant idea. With so many articles being written about reality TV in online editions of newspapers, blogs, and TV Web sites, there was no other way for me to keep track, but now, BUT NOW I don't know how much longer I can take it. I feel that more and more often I have to dedicate posts to new reality shows coming out and I for one would much rather criticize Kina. Who wouldn't?

I have a ridiculous amount of work to do this week and every 5 minutes I feel like I have a new Google alert e-mail in my inbox. With so much to talk about with the "Real World," "8th & Ocean," "America's Next Top Model" and now "Cheerleader Nation," though, there's not enough time to talk about every single reality pilot that may or may not make it to the air. I keep bookmarking stories about new shows but days pass and I still haven't found the time to keep you guys updated, so this post is all about new shows. Follow the links that you think sound interesting to learn all about the show that could be the next big thing.

*An adventure reality show called "Nevada Passage"

*Are you talkin' to me? DeNiro embarks on a reality show endeavor? That's almost as bad as Spielberg!

*"How do you solve a problem like Maria?"...I have no words.

*A reality show about Nick and Aaron Carter. I for one would rather see a show about Nick and Drew Lachey because Drew Lachey is the most underrated person in Hollywood. Unless of course someone on the Carter show ends up with mysterious looking bruises...

*If you live in a red state, you'll like this show.

*Part reality, part documentary and 100% annoying, Miss America turns into a TV show

*Danzig, a group famous for their song, "Mother," proves that street cred is irrelevant when selling out will get you more cash.

*Aha! A show that actually sounds like it might be kind of cool...or at least for comic book geeks who think Superman rose on the 7th day.

*Curious...this sounds exactly like the show I just described in my last post but it involves girls. What came first "God or the Girl" or "The Monastery"?

*"Shalom in the Home". No description necessary.

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