Sunday, November 11

Sorry y'all

Sorry I've been ignoring you guys, but we had visitors this weekend and I've been completely overwhelmed with the Google Alerts. I just signed up for them again but by the end of this week I had 37 waiting for me. Yikes!

What that translates to for you, though, is that I may very well be posting like 9 times today depending on how good the dish is. I still haven't gone through them all yet, but I'll start with what will probably be the most exciting news.

SO as I reported last week, Heidi's 21st birthday seemed less than spectacular, but MTV might have been less than honest in their editing of the evening. Turns out that Heidi and Spencer did take some birthday alone time, but not without throwing a huge Vegas party where Heidi performed for her "guests". You can read all about Heidi's real bash HERE.

The reason I refer to "guests" with some skepticism is that while I believe that Spencer threw his little puppet a party worthy of someone's 21st year, I'm not so sure it was attended by people who really care--or even know--about the blonde and blonder phenom.

As reported by E! Online, producers of The Hills are in the process of CASTING wedding party members and attendees of the impending nuptials.

WEDDING PARTY MEMBERS?! Seriously? When you need to hire people to participate in your wedding, that's when you know you need to do some serious reevaluating of your life.

I can't say much about it....but that shit is just sad.

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